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By Lucie Aubourg

Paris police have dismantled two makeshift camps in the French capital, moving hundreds of migrants to shelters in the city and the surrounding area in the process. Authorities say 801 people were evacuated in the two operations, which targeted a camp near the Gare d'Austerlitz train station in southeast Paris and another outside the 18th arrondissement town hall in the north of the city.

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By Pierre-Louis Caron

French police have seized 5.8 metric tons (around 12,780 pounds) of cannabis resin — known as hashish — and arrested three men in a major drug bust near the southeastern port town of Marseille, the French interior ministry said in a statement. The arrests follow months of investigation by the Marseille judicial police, working in collaboration with the Central Office for the Repression of Illicit Traffic of Narcotics (OCRTIS), and Spanish and Moroccan police.

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By Melodie Bouchaud

As night fell on Paris today, people of all ages flooded Place de la République to pay tribute to the Charlie Hebdo journalists and the two policemen who were killed in the attack on the magazine's headquarters. While some held up improvised banners, scribbled on paper bought from a nearby stationery store, others were more prepared, wearing «I Am Charlie» badges on their coats.

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