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Had I been cryogenically frozen in January 2005, I would have gone to my provisional rest as a happy European.

by Timothy Garton Ash

Had I been cryogenically frozen in January 2005, I would have gone to my provisional rest as a happy European. With the enlargement of the European Union to include many post-Communist democracies, the 1989 “return to Europe” dream of my Central European friends was coming true. EU member states had agreed on a constitutional treaty, loosely referred to as the European constitution. The unprecedented project of European monetary union seemed to be confounding the deep skepticism that I and many others had earlier expressed.1 It was amazing to travel without hindrance from one end of the continent to another, with no border controls inside the expanding zone of states adhering to the Schengen Agreement and with a single currency in your pocket for use throughout the eurozone.

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by Matthijs Peters

Privatisations of state-owned assets have become a central plank of EU/Troika agreements with debtor nations such as Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal, but there has been little examination of their track record nor an examination of who really benefits. This report puts a spotlight on the legal and financial corporate giants making millions out of the new wave of privatisations across Europe.

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by Ted Galen Carpenter

NATO will celebrate its sixty-seventh anniversary in April. Instead of being an occasion for the usual expression of mind-numbing clichés about the alliance’s enduring importance both to U.S. security and world peace, it should become an opportunity for a long overdue assessment of whether the NATO commitment truly serves America’s best interests in the twenty-first century. There is mounting evidence that it does not.

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By VICE News

Salah Abdeslam, Europe's most wanted fugitive, was arrested Friday after spending four months on the run. Suspected of masterminding and taking part in the deadly November 13 Paris attacks, Abdeslam was captured close to his childhood home in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek. On Monday, French news channel iTélé released images of the moment Abdeslam was stopped by police.

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By Graham Vanbergen

David Cameron gave his keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week and there was a definite change in the political wind with an attempt to move towards the centre ground. He said that central to tackling big social problems is an all-out assault on poverty. Perhaps, Cameron could see the Conservatives being seen as the ‘nasty’ party again, some have said that this is the true man.

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By Tess Owen

What started as a show of support for three injured emergency responders in Corsica on Christmas Day escalated into a violent attack on a Muslim prayer room, where angry protesters attempted to burn Qur'ans and prayer books.

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By Pierre Longeray

«Two thousand euros? Isn't that a bit excessive for vitamins and some visits to the sauna?»

That was the question asked by Yves Régimont, the judge presiding over the trial against Scientology that is currently underway in Belgium.

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By Lucie Aubourg

A record 12,676 migrants have crossed into Slovenia in the last 24 hours, Slovenian authorities announced Thursday. Migrants started flowing into the small European state Saturday, after Hungary sealed off its border with neighboring Croatia, effectively blocking one of the main routes used by refugees to reach western Europe.

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By Marie Doezema

Thursday was a decidedly un-Disney-like day at Denmark's Odense Zoo. Some 300 to 400 children, free from school during the autumn holidays, gathered around the corpse of a nine-month-old lion. The dissection began with a zoo guide, wearing rubber boots and surgical gloves, cutting out the animal's tongue. The wide-eyed audience, mostly children and a smattering of adults, covered their noses to avert the pungent smell.

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Author: F. William Engdahl

On September 21, German national TV channel ZDF reported that the US will station 20 next-generation advanced nuclear bombs of Type B 61-12 at the German Bundeswehr airstrip and special weapons storage depot at Büchel in Rhineland-Pfalz, a radioactive stone’s throw from where this author resides. This US deployment is no minor affair as it brings the likelihood of nuclear war by miscalculation between the United States and Russia one giant step closer and it makes the German Republic a direct high-priority target in any such escalation. Ashton “Ash” Carter and the war-hawks running the US Defense Department appear to be losing all contact with reality.

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