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Asia possesses many of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. In this era of growing discord and crisis in the West, the majority of nations around the world are looking to Asia to set a different example. The region took center stage in the week of November 11 to 18 as the emerging economies of Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand hosted the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, the G20, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting respectively. These important exchanges provided numerous opportunities for major countries to assert their leadership on the world stage. And in this ... Читать далее

The FBI Is An Enemy Of Indigenous Liberation+перевод

In 1969, American Indian Movement (AIM) activists occupied Alcatraz Island, invoking the Sioux Treaty of 1868, which grants unused federal lands to indigenous groups. Over the next several years, AIM also occupied the Mayflower. And Mount Rushmore. And the Bureau of Indian Affairs. And Wounded Knee. And other sites across the United States emblematic of the ongoing refusal of the American government to fulfill treaty obligations. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, AIM became the vanguard of indigenous liberation. They fought back against police violence, illegal seizure of land, and the economic marginalization of indigenous people. Through direct action, ... Читать далее

Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Of Power?+перевод

Despite a growing resurgence of interest in the science and psychology of narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths it seems as though society today has lost track of how these people can sabotage the core fabric of a civilization or nation. It is very easy to hyper-focus on collectivist ideologies as the source of our problems and forget that these ideologies do not function in a vacuum; they cannot wreak havoc by themselves, they need psychopathic people directing them to do real damage. There is something about collectivism that lends itself to projection and hypocrisy (collectivism is organization by FORCE instead of ... Читать далее

Europe’s Far-Right Lurch + перевод

The struggle to save democracy is proving even more difficult in Europe than here in the US. Virtually every European country is bedeviled by rising conflict between traditional political parties on one side and far-right, sometimes neo-fascist parties on the other. Each such conflict has its own history and evolution, but taken together they reveal a disturbing pattern not all that different from the Trump-fueled assault on democratic institutions and values we are experiencing. In a few words, the pattern is conspiracy mongering, denigration of “the other,” appeals to white Christian nationalism, a focus on economic instability, and above all ... Читать далее

The Pimps of War + перевод

The same cabal of warmongering pundits, foreign policy specialists and government officials, year after year, debacle after debacle, smugly dodge responsibility for the military fiascos they orchestrate. They are protean, shifting adroitly with the political winds, moving from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party and then back again, mutating from cold warriors to neocons to liberal interventionists. Pseudo intellectuals, they exude a cloying Ivy League snobbery as they sell perpetual fear, perpetual war and a racist worldview, where the lesser breeds of the earth only understand violence. They are pimps of war, puppets of the Pentagon, a state within ... Читать далее

7 Bad Cleaning Habits That Are Ruining Your Home+перевод

Doing chores is usually not top on our list of enjoyable activities. It's much more fun to go on a hike, binge-watch a favorite show, or visit friends. Since everything in life is a balance, it's okay to leave a few dust bunnies under the bed for a week or so, but there are some bad cleaning habits that you should break because they can do more damage to your home. Overlooking Small Plumbing Issues A small drip in the kitchen sink, a slow-draining bathroom sink, and a toilet that runs continually can all be irritating. They don't seem to ... Читать далее

America, Land Of The Dying? + перевод

Researchers find that the nation had become an outlier among other rich countries in mortality rates long before the pandemic – and that Americans are dying younger than their peers abroad With its economic and military might, America is hard to beat on technological wonders, space exploration, and top-notch universities. But when it comes to health, a fundamental prerequisite to a fulfilling life, the US isn’t delivering and hasn’t been for a long time. Researchers now find that the big picture of health failings is even graver than we already knew. Piles of studies have called attention to the fact ... Читать далее

US Is Becoming A Developing Country+перевод

The United States may regard itself as a “leader of the free world,” but an index of development released in July 2022 places the country much farther down the list. In its global rankings, the United Nations Office of Sustainable Development dropped the U.S. to 41st worldwide, down from its previous ranking of 32nd. Under this methodology – an expansive model of 17 categories, or “goals,” many of them focused on the environment and equity – the U.S. ranks between Cuba and Bulgaria. Both are widely regarded as developing countries. The U.S. is also now considered a “flawed democracy,” according ... Читать далее

Crop circles: Myth, theories and history+перевод

Crop circles are a very straightforward phenomenon: They are a type of landscape art made by humans. Despite evidence to the contrary, some people remain convinced that crop circles were made by aliens brought by UFOs. But how did unidentified flying objects come to be linked with flattened expanses of cereal grains? And why have these designs historically been associated with southern England? The answer to all of these questions is simple: Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. Bower and Chorley were a pair of friends who lived near Winchester, England. In 1978, the two were sitting in a pub, "wondering ... Читать далее

Collective Self-Delusion: Let's Stop Pretending America Is a Functioning Democracy+перевод

There is a fatal disconnect between a political system that promises democratic equality and freedom while carrying out socioeconomic injustices that result in grotesque income inequality and political stagnation. Decades in the making, this disconnect has extinguished American democracy. The steady stripping away of economic and political power was ignored by a hyperventilating press that thundered against the barbarians at the gate—Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, ISIS, Vladimir Putin—while ignoring the barbarians in our midst. The slow-motion coup is over. Corporations and the billionaire class have won. There are no institutions, including the press, an electoral system that ... Читать далее

Hate is the New Love+перевод

Back in the sixties, a group of us used to troop off campus during lunch hour to convene in a nearby park. Some of us used this break in routine to inhale some weed, others smooched behind a tree and some of us seriously discussed the contents of the next issue of the school’s underground newspaper. We made some efforts to avoid the campus “dick” until we realized he was merrily waving to us as we defied authority (!) and went off campus. It was all in the spirit of the times, which embraced freedom and good will towards all ... Читать далее

Free Market Mythology Is a Freedom-Killer+перевод

Beyond monopoly’s power to limit our freedom to choose and earn a fair wage, our freedom is also compromised by the dominance of corporate power within our political system. Americans love freedom…and who doesn’t? To be happy, most of us need a sense of agency and abhor the thought of Big Brother looking over our shoulder. But for many Americans a defining notion of freedom is being “free to choose,” a phrase made famous as the title of the 1980 book by Milton and Rose Friedman. Much earlier, Milton Friedman’s "Capitalism and Freedom" in 1962 tethered such freedom to a ... Читать далее